Breeding Program

Breeding the Best to the Best

As a hunting kennel it is our goal to produce the finest field dogs available. In order to accomplish this one must have a standard. All pups entering our breeding program must be hip certified and NAVHDA tested. Future breeding prospects must first:

  • Show savvy hunting instincts on wild birds, desire and stamina to hunt day in and day out.
  • Penn-Hipped (Hip Evaluation)
  • NAVHDA natural ability tested before the age of 16 months scoring over 100 points and prizing.
  • Show a temperament which is calm in the home and bold in the field.

We feel that by breeding the best possible animals we will produce the best possible offspring. We also feel that the natural ability scores are by far the most important. This test judges the inherited traits of the animals; nose, desire, pointing instinct, cooperation, independence, and water love. These along with exposure makes for a fine hunting and family dog. There are many animals that go on to more advanced testing and do well. This has more to do with acquired traits and devotion by the owner or professional trainer. The breeder’s job is to see that the inherited traits are passed along, so it is always worth looking at the puppy scores of the sire and dam of the litter. By testing our dogs in a proven program, we are able to get a view of our animals by other professionals; it takes the kennel blindness out of the kennel and it also allows us to take a better look at our breeding program.

We also support Penn-Hip, which is a scientific evaluation of the hips verses OFA, which is a human evaluation.

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